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Change through lifestyle: the Anti-Apathy way

Location @ Dana Center: 
Wed 9 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Anti-Apathy events have been based on the subjects featured on the left and have looked at the relationships between our individual lives and the bigger global picture.
Cyndi Rhoades and Briony Greenhill
Detailed text: 

Anti-Apathy is a social enterprise that produces innovative projects to inform, inspire and support engagement in the big issues of our day, such as climate change and poverty, by making them relevant to people’s day-to day-lives. Key activities include themed evening events, social experiments, online outreach and fashion label Worn Again, made from 99% recycled materials. AA supports and encourages the uptake of sustainable lifestyles as a means to bring about positive change in the world.

Fashion products
Worn Again
Trainers made from recycled materials - prison blankets, car seats and
reclaimed jeans.

The Nag (online project) The Nag launch date: mid May
The Nag is a playful web-based project that makes it very easy for people to do one thing a month to live more sustainably, such as switching to renewable energy or nagging their favourite clothing company to improve its social and environmental standards. People who sign up receive a monthly email nagging them to visit the website where they’re taken step-by-step through one action that will make a difference.

The Nag is also an experiment. How many people switching to renewable energy does it take to require a new wind farm to be built, or for a coal or nuclear power station to close down? The Nag will find out. Our online software will map activity around the country and show how individual actions, taken collectively, actually do create real and measurable impacts.


Cyndi Rhoades is a Creative Director of Anti-Apathy with a background in popular culture as a film director of music videos and documentaries with a passion for popularising engagement. Cyndi designs and develops the events and new programme areas for Anti-Apathy's public engagement work. She is also responsible for the development of Worn Again, Anti-Apathy's eco-friendly footwear label, made from 99% recycled materials, in collaboration with Terra Plana .

Briony Greenhill, The Nag Project Director. Briony specialises in sustainable consumption, behaviour change, and the use of technology for learning. Prior to joining AA in January 06 Briony has worked a researcher for the think-tank Demos and Channel 4 TV. Briony has also designed and project managed the national communications strategy for the DfES’ ICT Test Bed project, a £35m experiment in the use of technology for learning.

wornagain shoes